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Signature Programs for Accelerated Healing & Relief

Signature programs are designed to work fast to reduce (or eliminate) your pain
and improve your function beginning with your very 1st session.

 The Headache Alleviation Program

If you struggle with chronic or regularly recurring tension headaches or "mixed source" headaches* this program is designed with you specifically in mind.
For the most comprehensive results – I highly recommend you start with the
60 day, Accelerated Package.
After these sessions, we can discuss your progress and which course of action would be most beneficial for you - the Headache Alleviation Extended/Follow-up Program or a Reintegration (or maintenance) Program. 
*Please note that as headaches go, migraines can be less predictable than tension or mixed source headaches and may or may not respond as well to this form of treatment in comparison.* 

~Would you like to reduce the frequency & intensity of your headaches?~

~How would it feel having to worry less about whether you'll be needing to pop ibuprofen in the middle of your day? ~

~How would it feel to know you could finish your work day, cook dinner for the family, or go for your evening walk or run because a headache didn't stop you from doing so?

This program may be for you if:

  • you experience 2 or more headaches per week that are not considered migraines.

  • you feel the headaches are linked to neck & shoulder stiffness or "knots."

  • you find yourself taking Over the Counter pain relievers more often than you'd like.

  • you feel that your headaches and stiffness may be in part due to overwhelm and stress from your occupation and/or life responsibilities.

  • you feel like headaches impede your ability to function optimally or enjoy your daily life. 

I'm Jami ~

The owner and sole massage therapist at Blue Lotus Massage & Bodywork. I'm passionate about helping you find relief from headaches because I have suffered with them myself.
I began to have frequent headaches at the age of 8 and struggled with them regularly until I was almost 38. So...I know a thing or to about what it's like to have them impact your entire day or week. (You can read more about my journey with that as well as my journey into massage therapist on the "Get to Know Me" page.)
But through the avenues of Massage Therapy, Upper Cervical Care (specialized Chiropractic care) , and lifestyle changes I enjoy many more headache free days than I did in previous decades! 

The Accelerated Package

includes a thorough Initial Evaluation and 8 massage therapy sessions.
The Initial Evaluation is suggested so I can listen to your needs and concerns, and determine exactly what is going on with your body:
Your assessment will include the range of motion of your joints, sitting, walking and standing posture; You will discuss therapies you have tried in the past, etc, and then based on these results, a full therapy plan will be designed to give you the quickest pain relief and the most comprehensive improvements.



These Sessions may include any combination of:

  • Manual therapy  - massage and craniosacral work             

  • Postural Education          

  • Sleep Education               

  • Ergonomic Education     

  • Manual Traction   

  • Topical Analgesics creams or salves            

  • Heat and/or Ice Therapy

Our goal, in a sense, is retraining the musculature as well as retraining your nervous system to respond to stress and other factors differently than it has been.
From the very 1st session, you should start to see some improvement, and at the conclusion of the Accelerated Package, you should see a marked improvement in your condition.

You'll learn what you can do at home and at work to help maintain the work we do in each session. With lifestyle adjustments and resources to help you along the way, you'
ll feel more confident in how to maintain your new and improved condition.
I'll also check in with you after your first few appointments to see how you're feeling. And you'll have access to me by email and text during normal business hours for any questions that might arise.


To find out if this program is a good fit for you, please fill out the questionnaire linked below. I will review it and contact you within 2 business days.

If we agree to move forward, for optimal results it is preferred that all package sessions be scheduled upon agreeance to the program.

The more you are able to stick to this schedule, the better the likelihood for positive results. 





Headache Alleviation Program Scheduling Structure:

1st Session

~ 90 minutes of bodywork + in depth consultation & postural assessment~

~ Allot 120 minutes total ~ these appointments are scheduled on a Thursday or Sunday~


2nd Session

~ 60 minutes - with attention to the back, shoulders, head & neck ~

~ These sessions are scheduled on a Thursday or Sunday (3-4 days later)~

3rd Session

~ 75 minutes - with attention to the back, shoulders, head & neck ~

~ To be scheduled 5 days after 2nd appointment ~

4th Session

~ 90 minutes of overall bodywork with focus to the back, shoulders, neck & head ~

~ To be scheduled1week after 3rd appointment ~

5th Session

~ 75 minutes - with attention to the back, shoulders, head & neck ~

~ To be scheduled 1 week after 4th appointment ~

6th Session

~ 75 minutes - with attention to the back, shoulders, head & neck ~

~ To be scheduled 1 week after 5th appointment ~

7th Session

~ 75 minutes - with attention to the back, shoulders, head & neck ~

~ To be scheduled 1 week after 6th appointment ~

8th Session

~ 90 minutes of overall bodywork with focus to the back, shoulders, neck & head ~

~ To be scheduled 1 week after 7th appointment ~



Total Investment:  $900

Upon completion of this program you and I will reassess your progress and goals.

If results are positive you'll me "graduated" to the Follow-Up Program in which your sessions will be spaced further apart as your body learns to adapt to the treatment and hold results longer.

The Extended / Follow-Up Program
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