Details about building accessibility and ADA compliance. 

I have a physical disability or need mobility accommodations.

Will I be able to navigate my way to your office easily?

     As someone who has several family members who live with a disability, it is very important for me to address this question honestly &      to accommodate you as best I can, with the resources I have. 

  • My office is located in a historic home near downtown, which is beautiful, but was not originally built in accordance with ADA compliance. (It was built around 1914.) With that said there IS a fully functional concrete ramp leading from the sidewalk to the porch of the home, that was installed at some point in the last few decades. 

  • There is metered parking on the street in front of the building and there is a free parking lot behind the building with a paved driveway leading up the sidewalk in front of the building.
    At this point (Summer 2021) there are some uneven spots and potholes in the driveway. I am hoping to speak with the owners of the building and the property management group soon to see if those can be repaired. (In the meantime, please message me if you have concerns or questions about whether these have been repaired before your visit.)


  • There is a code required to open the front door (which is included in the booking and reminder emails) and there is a slight step up to the threshold of the front door - around 2-3 inches high. 

  • The lobby has hardwood floors, several soft chairs, and a sofa. 

  • The hallway, just past the lobby is carpeted. And with this being an older home, the hallway may be challenging to navigate through 3 doorframes and around the stairwell that leads to the second floor.

  • Most door frames in the hallway, (including the entrance to my office) are 29 - 31inches wide.

  • My treatment room is located on the main floor at the end of the hallway. - This part of the building was built onto the existing house in 1980 and there is a slight slope at the doorway from the original part of the hallway to the part of the hallway adjacent to my treatment room.

  • The genderneutral restroom is just to the right of the aforementioned doorway. The sink and toilet are accessible, but there is also a doorframe from the main part of the restroom to the section with the toilet only. 

  • There are no grab bars adjacent to the toilet. 

  • At this time I do not have a motorized massage table that lowers and lifts. (This has been on my wish list for quite some time.) But I can lower my massage table beforehand and offer assistance and props to help you safely get onto the table. I am aiming to finally be able to order a motorized table by the end of 2021. 

  • Please message me prior to booking if I can answer any questions or request additional assistance for your massage, Lymphatic Drainage, or Post-Op session. 

  • As someone who has lived in a body without disability for 4 decades, I am still learning to be the best ally/accomplice I can be. But of course, sometimes I'm still unaware of the measures I can take to help others feel seen, heard, and more comfortable. I am open to constructive feedback and suggestions.- Always.

    ~ Jami  - jami@bluelotusmassagewinston-salem

Lobby view from the front door.JPG
Lobby view from the hallway entrance.JPG
Hallway view leading toward my treatment room.JPG

Lobby view from front door.

Lobby view from hallway entrance.

Hallway view leading toward my treatment room.

Partial View of my treatment from from the door.JPG

Partial view of my treatment room from the door.