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Wellness For Women, Femmes, & Thems 
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Blue Lotus Massage & Aftercare assists clients contemplating or recovering from surgery by providing the knowledge and resources they need to heal, recover, and become the version of themselves they have envisioned.

I, Jami Craver - Jenkins, LMBT #8604, MLD-C (she/her), specialize in providing Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) & Post-Op Massage specifically for women, non-binary, & trans folks after cosmetic & plastic surgery procedures.

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Additionally, I also work with the following conditions :

  • Breast health (discomfort/pain)                    

  • Issues associated with C-Section scars         

  • Massage during Menopause & Perimenopause                           

  • Massage as part of treatment for anxiety & depression

  • Post-mastectomy healing

  • Treatment of Post-Op Fibrosis

  • BII - Breast Implant Illness Recovery

  • Toxic Mold Recovery
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As a Licensed Massage & Bodywork Therapist, I approach my work from a trauma-informed & body-neutral perspective that strives to be LGBTQIA+ literate and sensitive to/informed about the lived experiences of BIPOC individuals.

(I'm always learning and open to correction when I am uninformed.)

I am committed to growth & providing a space in which all of my clients feel safe,

seen, and cared for.


Why Partner With Me?:

Personalized Care:

You can be sure that in your session I will take the time to listen to your concerns, understand your health history, and structure the session to meet your needs and goals; during each session, and in terms of your long-term health.

For Post-Cosmetic Surgery & Post-Plastic Surgery Clients:
Your post-op care and self-care have just as much influence on your outcome and results as the surgery itself. Finding the best Board Certified Plastic Surgeon is of great importance, but how you take care of yourself as you heal will be a large indicator of how satisfied you'll be with your procedure overall.

That's why I make sure to cover all the bases, including:
- hands-on care, lymphatic drainage, & other manual techniques

- checking how well your compression is fitting,

- making sure you feel educated about how your lymphatic system works  and how to best help your 

  body heal, 

- referring you to other qualified professions when you need assistance beyond the scope of my practice

  and training.

Intuitive Care:
One of the most common words clients
have used to describe my work is "intuitive."
Not only is it important to listen to your words, but it is also equally important for me to use my sense of touch to listen to the cues your body speaks.
Since the time I was a child I have been sensitive and empathetic to others and their needs. While this was not always to my advantage, it has become my greatest asset as a practitioner in the healing arts. It is an intrinsic gift that allows me to see more deeply into the ways in which clients can heal themselves. I feel this quality has led me to this field and sets me apart in my work. 



Comprehensive Care :
My interest in your wellbeing reaches farther than your 60, 75, or 90 minutes on the massage table.
I firmly believe in sharing my knowledge about the human body and what patterns I might notice, to help you become more aware of what steps you can take in your everyday life to help you heal your body, alleviate stress, resolve tension, and improve your overall quality of life. My work is about walking with you toward the version of your best self; the you that you've always envisioned.

Authentic Care:
I value authenticity above most things.
I believe that when we each can feel safe from judgment and feel cared for, we can more fully tap into our authentic selves.
We are each a conglomeration of our individual experiences and backgrounds. When we can step into these complex quilts of identity we've stitched together from intersecting spaces, and honor who we are; we can feel more at home with our bodies.
By doing so we quiet the voice of our internal critic, allowing ourselves to be more present and enjoy life.

When we quiet the internal critic, we open ourselves to being more accepting of, and more grateful to our bodies & the work they do for us each day.

Mission Statement:

At Blue Lotus, my mission is to help clients contemplating or recovering from surgery have the knowledge, support, & resources they need to heal and become the version of themselves they've envisioned on their journey to optimal health.

For some clients, information and resources abound for their post-op recovery. And yet many others, feel anxious and stressed; not knowing what to expect or whom to ask about their concerns. 
For many, they emerge from their surgery in a different version of their bodies, which does not yet reflect what their end result will be in 3 months to a year. They are feeling vulnerable, tender, swollen, sometimes overwhelmed, and hoping they made the right choice. 

This is a very common thing to feel at some point after your surgery. 
I find that my clients begin to relax and trust the process once they have experienced the gentle, but powerful effects of Manual Lymphatic Drainage AND when someone takes time to listen to all of their concerns and answer their questions.

There are varying tools to assist you in your recovery process. 
I aim to hear your needs as a unique individual and to make sure you feel well equipped, informed, & supported on your healing journey.

I'm also here not only to help you reduce discomfort, swelling, and increase mobility; but also to guide you in finding self-care practices that do the same.

You've invested in your surgery. Why not invest in how well that surgery heals and your results are maintained?

And while I am not an expert in all the healthcare fields you may need assistance from as you heal, my objective is to provide you with resources that can help you find such experts.


It is my goal to provide you the space to feel safe, feel heard, and therefore confident in my experience and skills. I take great pride in providing professional post-op care, manual lymphatic drainage, massage therapy, and other forms of bodywork to those who seek my services. 

And I feel inspired each time a client walks in and says "I feel SO much better than last time I came in."

I work with clients of all body types, from all walks of life, and all genders.

I am doing my best to learn, grow, and be an ally to folks in marginalized communities including, but not limited to LGBTIA+ folks and people of color. And I'm open to discussions and feedback on topics that further my knowledge and expansion in allyship and in helping ALL of my clients feel seen, supported, & nurtured.


I do what I do because you deserve to live your best life. You are worthy of it, and our world needs your unique contributions.

"The body is a sacred garment: it is what you enter life in and what you depart life with, and it should be treated with honor, and with joy and with fear as well. But always, though, with blessing."
"To me, the body says what words cannot."
- Martha Graham
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What Clients Are Saying:

Working with Jami post-operatively was the best decision I made.

She helped me to navigate through all the post-operative issues that came up while I was recovering. Each session was uniquely designed for the phase of recovery I was in.
I now understand how the lymphatic system reacts after surgery and how important it is to help the lymph nodes drain while recovering. I recommend Jami and her services to all that are looking at having surgery.

- W.T.

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