Personalized.  Intuitive.  Comprehensive. Authentic. 



Blue Lotus Massage, Bodywork, & Aftercare assists clients contemplating or recovering from surgery to have the knowledge and resources they need to heal, recover, and become the version of themselves they have envisioned on their journey to optimal health.

I am a Post-Op & manual lymphatic drainage therapist, specializing in working with women, non-binary, & trans folks after cosmetic surgery procedures.

I also address the following health concerns: breast health (discomfort/pain), post-mastectomy healing, massage during menopause, & working with issues associated with C-Section scars.

As a Licensed Massage & Bodywork Therapist, I approach my work from a trauma-informed & body-neutral perspective that strives to be LGBTQIA+ literate and sensitive to/informed about the lived experiences of BIPOC individuals.

(I'm always learning and open to correction when I am uninformed.)

I am committed to growth & providing a space in which all of my clients feel safe,

seen, and cared for.

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Why Partner With Me?:

Personalized Care:

You can be sure that in your session I will take the time to listen to your concerns, understand your health history, and structure the session to meet your needs and goals; during each session, and in terms of your long-term health.

Intuitive Care:
One of the most common words clients
have used to describe my work is "intuitive."
Not only is it important to listen to your words, it is equally important for me to use my sense of touch to listen to the cues your body speaks.
Since the time I was a child I have been remarkably sensitive and empathetic to others and their needs. While this was not always to my advantage, it has become my greatest asset as a practitioner in the healing arts. It is an intrinsic gift which allows me to see more deeply into the ways in which clients can heal themselves. I feel this quality has led me to this field and sets me apart in my work. 


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Comprehensive Care :
My interest in your wellbeing reaches farther than your 60, 75, or 90 minutes on the massage table. I firmly believe in sharing my knowledge about the human body and what patterns I might notice, to help you become more aware of what steps you can take in your everyday life to help alleviate stress, resolve muscle tension, and improve your overall quality of life.

Authentic Care:
I value authenticity above most things. I believe that when we each can feel safe from judgment and feel cared for, we can more fully tap into our authentic selves. By doing so we quiet the voice of our internal critic, allowing ourselves to be more present and enjoy life.When we quiet the internal critic, we open ourselves to boing more accepting of, and more grateful to our bodies and they work they do for us each day.

What Clients Are Saying:

Jami is without a doubt one of the best massage therapists I have ever worked with. I would call her masterful at her craft. Having lived abroad and in Colorado, I have been exposed to some of the best of the best, and some not-so-great (terrible even!) massage therapists over the decades. And Jami's work is in the best of the best category.

What makes Jami's work so healing?

First, she is highly intuitive and attuned to the body/person she is working with. She is very present with you and the work in every moment, listening to your body, and you as she follows where your body leads her. Her movements are graceful, and without causing more pain, she finds what is at the root of pain, then very gently helps it to unwind. Her knowledge of the body and how all of the ligaments/tendons/muscles and nerves work together, and her deep curiosity to learn even more are evident as she has been helping me unwind decades of old stuck patterns. Jami offers her clients a caring, open, curious, presence, and masterful skills. I highly recommend her!

- Peggy

(From a client experiencing neck & shoulder pain.)     
  "I saw Jami for the first time two days ago. I was miserable and wasn't sure where to go but am so incredibly thankful I found Jami!

  She's absolutely amazing! She listened to me and I feel like a different person. I am thrilled to have found her and can't wait to go back!"  

 - Diana

Mission Statement:

At Blue Lotus, my mission is not only to help you reduce pain and stress, and increase mobility; but also to guide you in finding self-care practices that do the same.

I aim to hear your needs as a unique individual, to be a partner in your healing journey or health maintenance regimen, and to be an advocate for personal reflection and growth.


I believe that everyone has the capacity to incorporate practices that help them to improve their health and well-being, whether it be yoga, meditation, specific exercise, chiropractic, acupuncture, or a specific diet.


While I am not an expert in all of these areas, my objective is to provide you resources that can help you

find such experts, or at least feel more informed and empowered. It is my position that we are better able to care for others and make a positive impact on our world if we can first take care of ourselves.


It is my goal to provide you the space to feel safe, feel heard, and to feel confident in my experience and skills. I take great pride in providing professional massage therapy and care to those who seek my services. 

And I feel inspired each time a client informs me that they are able to run an extra ¼ mile, or is sleeping more soundly, or can pick up their 2-year-old again without back pain.

I work with clients of all body types, from all walks of life, and all gender identifications.
I am doing my best to learn, grow, and be an ally to folks in marginalized communities including, but not limited to LGBTIA+ folks and people of color. And I'm open to discussions and feedback on topics that further my knowledge and expansion in allyship and in helping ALL of my clients feel seen, supported, & nurtured.


You deserve to live your best life. You are worthy of it, and our world needs your unique contributions.

"The body is a sacred garment: it is what you enter life in and what you depart life with, and it should be treated with honor, and with joy and with fear as well. But always, though, with blessing."
"To me, the body says what words cannot."
- Martha Graham
A woman practicing meditaion